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Silver City Tire is pleased to offer Rust Check, the next generation rust preventative. Let the team you trust protect your investment with superior rust proofing. Here in Oneida, our winters can really take a toll on your vehicle! Roads covered with salt and zinc are no worry to a vehicle treated with Rust Check. Stop rust in its tracks --stop it before it starts!

Rust Check is a two product process. Rust Check is a light liquid oil-based product with active corrosion inhibitors. Its main function is to penetrate into crevices, displace existing moisture, and then keep moisture from re-entering. Without moisture, corrosion cannot occur. Coat & Protect is a thicker version of Rust Check, with the same active ingredients. Its thickness gives it good wash and wear resistance. The main function of Coat & Protect is to protect exposed areas of the undercarriage. Unlike traditional undercoating, Coat & Protect is non-drying, so it won't crack or peel. Coat & Protect also is an excellent heavy duty lubricant.


What do you think happens when the iron in steel and oxygen mix with air or water? Rust happens! Protect your vehicle from rust and corrosion with Rust Check.

Why does Silver City Tire use Rust Check? Rust Check has a long history of successful automobile rust protection. Rust Check is time-tested and proven since 1973. It is the recipient of the 1997 Consumers Choice award for Automobile Rust Proofing Service. Central New York's tough winters and extreme driving conditions means your vehicle is subject to a harsh climate. Make sure to protect against rust and corrosion.

Effective on both new and used vehicles, we feature complete annual re-applications, not just touch-ups. Rust Check has a lifetime, annually renewable warranty. As long as Rush Check continues to be applied, it will continue to protect your vehicle. Data has indicated that without additional rust protection, cars are pretty much certain to show some rust after 6 - 8 years. With additional rust protection, cars are almost certain not to show any rust even after 13+ years. Additional rust protection will protect your car's resale value or its residual value when coming off a lease.

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