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Car and Van Tires

Tiger Paw Touring

  • Even wear and durability
  • Exceptional handling in all seasons
  • Effective water evacuation for efficient wet traction
  • High-performance handling and stability
  • Great looks for touring and luxury vehicles

Limited Warranty: 80,000

Tiger Paw AWP

  • Outstanding grip for rain, snow and ice
  • Long tread life
  • Handling you can trust
  • Reliable durability for miles to come

Limited Warranty: 70,000

Tiger Paw GTS

  • Great grip on slick surfaces and snow
  • Wet weather handling
  • Sharp looks that get attention
  • Great handling stability
  • Raised White Letter

Limited Warranty: 50,000

SUV and Pick Up Tires

Laredo AWR

  • Durable, reliable protection with even wear
  • Impressive grip, with confident handling for every season

Limited Warranty: Standard

Laredo Cross Counrty

  • Creates a rounder tire to help ensure uniformity and durability with a highway ride that’s extremely quiet
  • Wet grip and all-season traction that helps it stick
  • Built for long tread life and enhanced off-pavement traction
  • Helps improve wear by fostering enhanced tread block stability and minimizing surface temperatures

Limited Warranty: 60,000

Commercial Truck Tires

Laredo HD/H

  • Excellent puncture and impact protection, with even wear
  • Helps absorb impacts and carries heavy loads
  • Long-lasting, reliable and quiet ride
  • Great traction for every season

Limited Warranty: 50,000

Laredo HD/T

  • Serious on- and off-road traction
  • Helps conquer the winter elements
  • Tough, reliable and long-lasting

Limited Warranty: Standard

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